Barbershop in Michigan Helps Kids Gain Love for Reading

Barbershop in Michigan Helps Kids Gain Love for Reading

Reading books and barber shops are not really two things that you associate with one another. Books are usually associated with libraries or bookshops and barber shops are considered to be local hangouts where people can get a haircut and have small talk with one another.

Which makes a local Barber shop in Ypsilanti, Michigan to be quite unique. The Fuller Cut Barbershop looks like any barbershop. It has an entire community of loyal clients that have frequented the barbershop for years and a cut there is usually a monthly habit that most of its clientele adhere to, most of which are of African American descent. But what makes it unique is that it also serves as a small library for the children in the community.


Indeed the barbershop is equipped with a small collection of books, and the barbershop gives a $2 discount to young customers if they read aloud to their barbers. The books themselves are predominantly about African American culture and are aimed at giving its younger clientele pride in their heritage. Of course the barber shop also caters to diverse communities and is also aimed at giving others a positive outlook on the African American community.

The idea was thought up by Ryan Griffin who has worked there for over 20 years. He thought up the idea, when he read about a similar project. Inspired he proposed it to his boss who agreed to the idea. Now a good number of children frequent the Barber Shop with their parents and are treated to both a haircut and a learning experience.

And through the years the community has embraced the idea and have given their full support by donating books in the hopes that it will help young children develop good reading habits. The project has helped a multitude of children through the years and has instilled in them a love for reading.

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