7 Bestselling Book Ideas for Young Writers

7 Bestselling Book Ideas for Young Writers

Great book ideas can make your career as an author. In many ways it can even change your life, take incredibly successful writers like Stephen King or J.K. Rowling. They first started out as struggling writers and had a very hard time getting their books recognized.

But due to an incredible book idea they were able to break through all barriers and become some of the most famous and beloved authors of their generation.

But how did they get these ideas? What experiences did they have to go through in order to get these book ideas? What process did they have to undergo in order to become so successful as writers?

Although there is no foolproof method on creating a best-selling book there are some ways that you can incorporate into your writing methods that will give you an edge on getting the best book writing ideas possible. Here are some prime examples on how to get the bestselling ideas for a book.

1. Use experiences in your life to make a compelling storyline


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This is a mainstay when it comes to writing, but is sadly underrated. This method usually entails the writer to use elements of his or her life to make the story more relatable. One of the greatest examples of this technique is when the creator of the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling was able to use the many challenges in her life to create a very relatable character in Harry Potter.

The many challenges that she faced during that time of her life enabled her to instill in her characters a likable and relatable quality that still continues to capture the hearts of readers to this very day.

2. Use ancient myths and legends to give your story more depth


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When it comes to creating a story there is nothing more important than having depth and texture in your story. And one of the best ways to do this is to use ancient myths and legends from various cultures. Using these myths and legends gives your work a whimsical and multifaceted feel.

It also adds a unique flavor to your work that will set it apart from other writers. What you have to remember though should you ever use myths and legends in your work is that you are accurate in your portrayal and cite the correct cultures that spawned them.

It would be very embarrassing if you stated in your work that Thor was Zeus’ son or that Gilgamesh was a Chinese deity. Being accurate in citing your source cultures shows that you respect these cultures and that you know what you are writing about.

Of course being accurate does not mean you can’t make variations on the supposed personalities of the characters in these myths. The unexpected personality traits of a certain God or Goddess or hero can give your work an added bit of humor and will help you capture the audience’s attentions. Some of the best examples of authors that have used ancient myths and legends masterfully are Rick Riordan and Neil Gaiman.

3. Read autobiographies


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Reading autobiographies will enable you to think through the perspective of famous people. One great life story to get inspiration from is Theodore Roosevelt’s life.

This much loved American president’s life story is almost akin to a literary heroes. What with the many problems he has overcome throughout his life and the many adventures he had during his lifetime. He is a bigger than life character that can give you a whole new perspective on life.

This method also gives you a chance to give you a more multifaceted look on life.

4. Read other author’s work


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Reading other author’s books does not mean that you copy their work. To read their work shows that you respect their work and that you look up to them as writers.

You can also get some good writing techniques without having to steal other people’s ideas. It is also good to remember that they also started out where you are now. And that all their success came from one great idea.

Thinking this way can give you a great boost of creativity and propel your work to greater heights.

5. Read about current events

Reading from current events will enable you to know the important issues of the times. This way you will be able to create relevant content for the readers of this era. Also being able to know what is currently trending in popular culture will keep you abreast of the latest happenings and keep in touch with every generation of readers.

You should always remember that as a writer your work must strike a chord with your readers, and nothing does that better than being able to relate to them with the many issues of their era.

6. Be Historically savvy

It is a good idea to be historically informed. Having knowledge in history grants you the ability to draw accurate and interesting facts from the history books and give your book a more scholarly tone. It also allows you draw interesting characteristics from the great names of every age.

You can even create your own history adventure books and take elements from people all timelines. One example is using the great Winston Churchill’s indomitable spirit as an inspiration for one of your characters mentors.

All in all the possibilities are endless when it comes to basing your work on historical facts. Just remember that your stories must always be rooted in historical facts and thorough research.

7. Go on adventures


Image Source: John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum

It is not a coincidence that the great Ernest Hemingway was both a great adventurer and Nobel Prize winning novelist.

He has viewed life as an adventure and has thus always lived his life as an adventure. It is also trough his many adventures that he was able to create his incredible work. Throughout his life he was able to meet people of diverse backgrounds and was thus able to incorporate them into his work.

Living life as an adventure is definitely a great way to make a memorable story.

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