Dan Brown to Release New Book for the Da Vinci Code Series

Dan Brown to Release New Book for the Da Vinci Code Series

Dan Brown is one of the most influential and successful writers of his generation, and through the years has created intriguing works of literature that have opened the eyes of a multitude of people to conspiracy theories. His Da Vinci Code series now numbers four books and a new book titled Origin is set to be released on September 2017.

The Da Vinci Code series follows Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor who specializes in religious iconology and symbology. The novel follows the character over a single day as he encounters some sort of earth-shattering conspiracy, solved only through his knowledge of ancient and religious symbols, as well as the history of art and architecture. Origins continues the exploits of Robert Langdon as he encounters yet more conspiracies and uses his skills to uncover them.

Origin is stated to thrusts Langdon into the dangerous intersection of humankind’s two most enduring questions, and the earth-shaking discovery that will answer them,” said his publishers Doubleday in the US and Transworld in the UK. Origin is still in the works but will surely be full of the author’s trademark interweaving of codes, science, religion, history, art and architecture.

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