The 4 Different Types of Writing Styles That Every Writer Should Master

The 4 Different Types of Writing Styles That Every Writer Should Master

If you are an aspiring writer and are trying to get yourself published, you would of course know how to write and write proficiently. But in some cases even the best writers have to go back to the basics in order to improve as writers. You also have to understand that the writers work is characterized by the kind of writing that he does and the style that he or she often uses. This is why you should be intimately familiar with the four types of writing, their characteristics and the advantages and disadvantages that they bring to the table.

Here are the four different types of writing styles and their categories.

1. Expository Writing

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The main characteristic of expository writing is that it is predominantly used to explain. It is a subject oriented writing style and is usually used to highlight a certain topic or subject without giving their own opinions on the matter. This type of writing gives readers facts and figures but are devoid of the writers own opinions, thus freeing them the burden of defending the statement themselves, because the facts provided already does the job for them. This is usually used for textbooks and how-to books. The main points of this type of writing is that it is fact based, it is used to explain a certain subject or view point and that it is usually written in a logical and sequenced order. This type of writing is usually used for writing textbooks, cookbooks and other How-to books.

Here is an example of expository writing.

Many people associate apple pie with being an all American dessert. During family gatherings and holidays the apple pie is usually a recommended dessert. Here is how to make an easy apple pie using only five ingredients. First, make sure you have all of the ingredients.

2. Descriptive Writing

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Descriptive writing as the name implies is all about description. Its main focus is to describe a character an event or place with the most details as possible. It is considerably one of the more poetic of the writing styles because the author has more freedom in his descriptions and the words used. The main characteristics of this type of writing is that it is often poetic in nature, describes people, places, things, etc. It also puts emphasis on the six senses. This type of writing is usually used on poetry, diary writing or nature writing.

Here is an example of Descriptive Writing

The sword was surprisingly balanced for its five feet of length. Its pommel was thick and crafted in the shape of a snarling wolf. The handle was bound in red leather and was a foot in length which meant that it was designed to be used with both hands. The crossguard was thick and emblazoned with runes that reached up to the blade. The blade in itself was exquisitely crafted, with its edges as sharp as a razor and glinting with a cold blue light. It was a huge sword and was meant to be wielded by a strong and large man.

3. Persuasive Writing

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The main intent of persuasive writing is to convince. The main characteristic of this writing style is the fact that it contains the opinions and perceptions of the writer, and are predominantly meant to convince and sway the reader’s opinions to the opinions of the writer. This writing style is usually used in newspaper articles, advertisements, reviews, letters or recommendations and cover letters.

Here is an example of Persuasive writing

The pro max vacuum cleaner is a state of the art vacuum cleaner that has all the features that will make cleaning a breeze. Equipped with a triple bag system and cordless sensors, it means that you don’t need to replace the bag too much and you can reach the hard to reach spots at home. The Pro max vacuum cleaner is a must have for any household.

4. Narrative Writing

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Narrative writing’s main intent is to tell a story. This type of writings by far one of the most versatile because it gives you the ability to create whole worlds using just your imagination. The characteristics of narrative writing are predominantly the creation of characters, storylines through various viewpoints. The types of narrative writing are Novels, short stories, novellas, poetry, autobiographies or biographies, anecdotes and oral histories.

Here is an example of Narrative writing

“I saw something” said Beorn

It’s nothing boy. Just your shadow! Barked Grimwold, trying to speak in a nonchalant manner but betraying the tension he felt.

These four writing styles are the styles usually used by writers and are used in every form of media from newspaper reporting to advertising. It is a necessity for any aspiring author to master these writing styles if they are to be successful in their craft.

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