Ensure vs. Insure vs. Assure: Difference and Examples

Ensure vs. Insure vs. Assure: Difference and Examples

When it comes to writing there are words that although they sound alike are quite different when they are used. Some great examples of this is ensure, insure and assure. Of course when it comes to these three words it is quite understandable why people are confused about them and their characteristics.

When you look at their spelling they are quite similar to each other where they are only different from one another due to a few letters. But for the sake of proper word usage it is best to clarify the differences between these three words.

First things first it is best to state that these words are quite different to one another in their usage and delivery. Through this article you will find out the characteristics of the three words, their respective functions, definitions, grammar and on what context to use them.

Source – When it comes to the source of the words it is good to point out that all three words are derived from the Latin word securus which means to make safe or secure. The source of the word is one of the reasons why the three words are so difficult to tell apart.

They are also quite similar when it comes down to the main definition of the word, which means to give certainty on a certain subject. In truth the greatest difference between the three words is the usage of the words.


Let’s begin with the word Ensure. Even though it does sound similar to the other two the main usage for Ensure is for when you make sure or guarantee something. This can be used in a force full way to guarantee that something will or will not happen.

The main difference between the other two is the fact that it is predominantly used for events or states of being.

Here are some examples.

  1. To ensure that his blade cuts efficiently, he had the weapon sharpened by the blacksmith.
  2. You must tape up the cord, so that you will not get electrocuted.
  3. To ensure his fealty to the lord, his children were held hostage.
  4. To ensure here good nature, the children brought a great number of candies.
  5. To ensure that they would be safe, the children were instructed to wear helmets.
  6. He goes for a jog every day to ensure the best weight loss possible.
  7. She goes to the hair salon every week to ensure she is as pretty as possible.
  8. He closed the airlocks on the plane to ensure the safety of the passengers.
  9. I gave him the package to ensure payment for the order.
  10. I will ensure your safety by going on this journey with you.


When you use the word Insure, it means to protect oneself financially by insurance. This word is quite common when you read insurance policies. Unlike ensure, which applies to events or states of being the word insure is used for things.

Here are some examples.

  1. The company insured his car. So should any damage befall his car, he is still covered.
  2. He is insured by the company. So he need not worry about his family if anything should ever happen to him.
  3. Are you insured by the company? If not you should ask your supervisor.
  4. My house is insured by a well-known insurance company so I should not really worry about property damage.
  5. I feel so secure now that I am insured by the company.
  6. I am so lucky that my son was insured before he was injured.
  7. I better get myself insured before I go abroad.
  8. I hope the company will insure me as soon as I get hired.
  9. Be sure to have yourself insured, just to be safe.
  10. Thank goodness you’re already insured by a good insurance company!


When you use the word Assure, it means to inform positively or remove doubt. This word is usually used when you want to assuage the doubts of someone over something. This can also be described as something that you do with another person or an animal to remove any doubt on their minds. It is also important to remember that assure can only be used on living things.

Here are some examples.

  1. I was assured that I would get paid by the end of the month.
  2. I assure you, I did not take your book.
  3. I assure you this movie is great. I could barely take my eyes off the movie screen.
  4. Can you assure me that I won’t get hurt if I take the job?
  5. Please assure the judge that you will not do this anymore.
  6. I assure you this is the best hamburger I have ever tasted.
  7. Can you assure the client that we can get the job done on time?
  8. I assure you, this special soap will make your skin so smooth.
  9. Can you assure me of victory in this battle?
  10. I assure you of the sincerity of my affections!

All in all the words are quite different from one another and should be used for scenarios that they were specified for.

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