Highly Effective Tips on How to Become a Professional Book Reviewer

Highly Effective Tips on How to Become a Professional Book Reviewer

Being a book reviewer may seem like a plush job for most people. Imagine getting paid to write reviews that will influence other people’s perceptions on a book. Book reviews are predominantly created to inform the general public on which books are the next great read.

But what exactly makes a good book reviewer and how exactly can you go on your way in becoming one? What traits do you need in order to be a good book reviewer?

Here are some tips on how to become a book reviewer.

Read… A LOT!!!

When it comes to being a book reviewer nothing is more important than being able to read fast and have a good comprehension of your chosen book and be able to write a book review out of the information you got from the book.

To be a book reviewer you need to read a lot of books, in order to use other books as examples for the books you are reviewing. Also having had read a great amount of books will help you gain credit in being a book reviewer. It also gives you more experience on which books are truly good.

You have to remember though that you will have to buy books yourself at first. Just think of it as an investment on a new career.

Develop your own style of reviewing

It is easier said than done. Developing your own reviewing style could take some time, but in order for you to make an impact on other readers and get book reviewer jobs your style must be unique and have the ability to convey your ideas as much as possible. Your style is your trademark and every time you write a review people should be able to know it is your writing.

Look for established publications

Before you create a book review site, you should be able to site some sites that you can send your work to in the future. You should take into account the trustworthiness of these sites. You should also make sure that these sites are willing to pay you for your work. You should pick out the best review sites, although they are difficult to get into they are still highly respected and working for them in the future would gain your work more credit.

Create your book review site

This is the start of being a book reviewer. Once you have your writing style down pat, you should get started on creating your own book review site. This way you can then start reviewing books, this could come in the form of a blog or fan page because these are usually the sites that big fans of certain books peruse.

One of the things you should remember though while starting out is that you are the one that first shoulders the costs of getting the books. But don’t fret once you make a name for yourself there will be book publishers that will be more than happy to give you books for reviews.

In truth as early as this stage you can already start earning, although it won’t be much at first. But don’t worry, your main aim in this stage of book reviewing is to create a relationship with publishers and gain a place in their pool of book reviewers. That way, should they need a book review you will be at the top of their list.

Get paid for your work

Now it’s time for you to reap the rewards of your labors. Once you have learned the skills of being a book reviewer you should now set out and get paid for your work. But tread carefully at this stage. Although you do have the skills as a book reviewer, you still need to prove yourself to the publishing companies.

Gather all your body of work and then send them to your preferred publishing companies. You should also send links to your past freelance work. Look at this process as if it were a job application. Create a resume and put all your past experiences and past work to show evidence of your writing ability.

Branch out to other publications

Once you have established yourself as a bona fide book reviewer, you should branch out to other established publications such as magazines, journals and newspapers. This is where your list of established publications comes in handy. Using your list you can pinpoint the publications that you want to apply for. All in all the process is still the same as when you were applying for the other publication companies.

In many ways the main intent is to apply for as many companies as you can. That way you can learn as much as you can about book reviews and further expanding your skillset.

Now that you have finished making a name for yourself as a book reviewer, the next thing to do is to keep yourself relevant by reading up on new books and updating your skillset. Most of all enjoy yourself this is a great job!

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