6 Ways to Find Ideas for Writing a Book

6 Ways to Find Ideas for Writing a Book

Writing is considerably one of the most immersive art forms, this is due to the fact that when you write you open yourself to the scrutiny of readers. Through writing you do not need any instrument other than pen and paper. Through writing you can gain the respect or disgust of a multitude of people. This is why some writers despite their talent and experience have yet to publish anything. This is where having a general idea is the most important. Without it you can be the most talented author in the world and yet you will still find it ponderous to finish even one book. And yet in truth, it is not really that difficult to find inspiration. All you really need to do is look within yourself and find the inspiration.

1. Use your interests as concepts

You could tell a lot about a man by the books he keeps – his tastes, his interest, his habits. ― Walter Benjamin

What makes you unique are your interest and tastes. This sets you apart from everyone else and shows what kind of person you are. This can also be a source of book ideas, because you are writing about what you are passionate about, this passion will fuel your search for a concept.  Your interest can range from video games to conspiracy theories. What’s important is that you are wholly invested in these interest and you know the many intricacies of your interest. That way should you be called upon to create a book about these subjects. You would already have an intimate knowledge on them.

2. Be eloquent

To be eloquent means to be able to convey yourself through words in the best way possible. Using the power of words like poetry and even songs you can find a concept. It is also one of the best ways to strengthen your writing skill. You can use poetry as a concept and publish a poetry book.

3. Use your imagination

A well-composed book is a magic carpet on which we are wafted to a world that we cannot enter in any other way. ― Caroline Gordon

Seeing that you want to write a book, you must be full of stories that you want to share. Being imaginative is predominantly a necessity when it comes to getting ideas for a book.  Adopt a child’s sense of wonder when you write, Do not limit yourself to only one concept. Experiment with various ideas. It is your book, have fun with it.

4. Use your mastery on a certain subject

One way for you to get ideas for writing your book is to use a subject that you have utmost mastery at. You can have a mastery of martial arts and you can make an instructional manual on the martial arts or if you are highly skilled in carpentry you can make a book on making furniture. All in all the main concept is to write and teach what you know.

5. Use your experiences in life

It has been said that fiction is merely an imitation of life. In some ways that is true, because many great authors have used their life experiences to create great literary works. There is also a fact that memoirs are very interesting and captures reader’s attentions easily. If you are making a memoir, remember that you need to document your day to day life a lot.

6. Compile your work

It is very important to compile your past work. Looking back on your past work, you can discover old ideas that may prove useful to you now. You can also make a compilation of your best work and find ideas from them.

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