Madefire App Gives Life to Comics Through Virtual Reality

Madefire App Gives Life to Comics Through Virtual Reality

Comic books is one of the most potent forms of entertainment in the world right now. Although comic books have been around for quite a while, thanks to the popularity of the superhero genre in movies, comic books have skyrocketed in popularity. Such examples being Marvel and DC’s film incarnations that have captured a whole new generation of fans.

These comic book incarnations have helped garner the comic industry with a wider fan base and has had various comic book companies to create new ways to enjoy comic books. Right now the newest and most sophisticated form of comic book reading is through the Virtual Reality format. Through the VR form comic books can now be read in a more interactive sense. And judging the engrossing aspect of comic books, this will make the experience even more enjoyable.

A Virtual Reality app was released by the comic book company Madefire and allows you the opportunity of reading its Motion Books in virtual reality. With this incredible new format the act of reading a comic is made even more entertaining and adds more depth and substance to each panel. With this truly innovative app every page of the comic book can now fill your view and creators can add 3D layers to individual panels. This gives the entire experience a whole new dimension of enjoyment and allows readers to be even more engrossed with the comic book.

As of now Madefire is only able to release a limited amount of sample comics to read in this format but hopes to add more in the future from its extensive library of comic books. The VR app is a truly groundbreaking format that takes comic book reading to a whole new level.

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