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R.L Stine to Write Comic Book Series for Marvel

R.L. Stine to Write Comic Book Series for Marvel

The Marvel Company has once again followed a trend of getting writers who have had no prior connections with comic books. In truth though this strategy has paid off in the past, with examples being Ta-Nehisi Coates who wrote the story for the acclaimed Black Panther series and Chelsea Cain who wrote the story for the highly successful Mockingbird series. And Marvel has not slowed down a bit, with their newest acquisition being R.L. Stine himself.

R.L. Stine is renowned for his ability to create a scary story, he is particularly famous for the Goosebumps and Fear Street series that has scared a multitude of children all over the world. He is known as one of the most prolific horror writers of his time. In short the name R.L. Stine is synonymous with Horror stories. His ability of creating immersive stories of horror and suspense is quite well known. Although he has no prior experience in writing a comic book, his work is sure to give comic book fans quite a scare. Having first started out as a humorist and writer for various shows and movies, his past work and experience truly speaks for itself.

As of now the 73-year old author has kept mum on the subject of his comic book only saying “I’m writing a series of comic books for Marvel—my first comics ever. But I’m not allowed to talk about them yet.”

Time Lapse: NY Public Library Reopens Rose Main Reading Hall

Time Lapse: NY Public Library Reopens Rose Main Reading Hall

The New York Public Library is considerably one of the most historic sites in New York City. In a way it is as iconic as the Empire States Building and houses a multitude of books that have survived for many years. It is considered as one of the most impressive buildings in New York City, boasting a grandeur and beauty that can rival any in the world. It is also arguably the world’s most famous library.

Within it houses some of the grandest reading halls in the world, foremost among them is the Rose Main Reading Hall. This majestic hall has been used by some of the greatest minds in history. It has played host to countless renowned writers, journalists, historians, Nobel Laureates and Pulitzer Prize Winners for more than a century.

It has also has the incredible distinction of providing much needed information to inventors, activists and students and have helped them to hone their knowledge in their pursuit of human advancement.

And through the years the great hall has become one of the most sought after sight by tourists and locals alike, lured by the grandeur and beauty of the great hall. And through the years this great hall has undergone good number of restorations with the purpose of preserving the magnificent hall against the passage of time.

In the recent years there have been two major restorations on the hall, the first in 1998 which was funded by Library Trustee Sandra Priest Rose and her husband Frederick Phineas Rose, who renamed the room in honor of their children.

The second was completed in the fall of 2016, wherein the library concluded additional repairs to restore the Rose Main Reading Room’s ornate ceiling and the Bill Blass Public Catalog Room’s mural. The second restoration was made due to an ornamental plaster that fell from the Rose Main Reading Room’s 52 –foot high ceiling in May of 2014.

After this incident the Library decided to conduct a full inspection of the ceilings of both the Rose Main Reading Room and the Bill Blass Public Catalog Room. The findings led the library to have the two rooms restored. And after 2 years of restoration the two rooms are now opening to the public once again to give visitors a glimpse of one of New York’s most iconic sights.

Barbershop in Michigan Helps Kids Gain Love for Reading

Barbershop in Michigan Helps Kids Gain Love for Reading

Reading books and barber shops are not really two things that you associate with one another. Books are usually associated with libraries or bookshops and barber shops are considered to be local hangouts where people can get a haircut and have small talk with one another.

Which makes a local Barber shop in Ypsilanti, Michigan to be quite unique. The Fuller Cut Barbershop looks like any barbershop. It has an entire community of loyal clients that have frequented the barbershop for years and a cut there is usually a monthly habit that most of its clientele adhere to, most of which are of African American descent. But what makes it unique is that it also serves as a small library for the children in the community.


Indeed the barbershop is equipped with a small collection of books, and the barbershop gives a $2 discount to young customers if they read aloud to their barbers. The books themselves are predominantly about African American culture and are aimed at giving its younger clientele pride in their heritage. Of course the barber shop also caters to diverse communities and is also aimed at giving others a positive outlook on the African American community.

The idea was thought up by Ryan Griffin who has worked there for over 20 years. He thought up the idea, when he read about a similar project. Inspired he proposed it to his boss who agreed to the idea. Now a good number of children frequent the Barber Shop with their parents and are treated to both a haircut and a learning experience.

And through the years the community has embraced the idea and have given their full support by donating books in the hopes that it will help young children develop good reading habits. The project has helped a multitude of children through the years and has instilled in them a love for reading.

Madefire App Gives Life to Comics Through Virtual Reality

Madefire App Gives Life to Comics Through Virtual Reality

Comic books is one of the most potent forms of entertainment in the world right now. Although comic books have been around for quite a while, thanks to the popularity of the superhero genre in movies, comic books have skyrocketed in popularity. Such examples being Marvel and DC’s film incarnations that have captured a whole new generation of fans.

These comic book incarnations have helped garner the comic industry with a wider fan base and has had various comic book companies to create new ways to enjoy comic books. Right now the newest and most sophisticated form of comic book reading is through the Virtual Reality format. Through the VR form comic books can now be read in a more interactive sense. And judging the engrossing aspect of comic books, this will make the experience even more enjoyable.

A Virtual Reality app was released by the comic book company Madefire and allows you the opportunity of reading its Motion Books in virtual reality. With this incredible new format the act of reading a comic is made even more entertaining and adds more depth and substance to each panel. With this truly innovative app every page of the comic book can now fill your view and creators can add 3D layers to individual panels. This gives the entire experience a whole new dimension of enjoyment and allows readers to be even more engrossed with the comic book.

As of now Madefire is only able to release a limited amount of sample comics to read in this format but hopes to add more in the future from its extensive library of comic books. The VR app is a truly groundbreaking format that takes comic book reading to a whole new level.