Olly Moss Redesigns Cover of Fantastic Beasts Novel for Pottermore

Olly Moss Redesigns Cover of Fantastic Beasts Novel for Pottermore

In the recent years fans of the Harry Potter series have been treated to new treats and trivia to the world of their favorite boy wizard. What with the new Harry Potter adaptions into stage and a whole new movie that is set in the Harry Potter universe, the Harry Potter mania is still going strong.


Graphic artist Olly Moss has redesigned the cover for the Hogwarts textbook Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, originally published in 2001 in aid of UK charity Comic Relief. Source: Pottermore

Which is why fans will surely be amazed and overjoyed at the new cover of the Fantastic Beasts novel! Designed by the famed book designer Olly Moss, the book cover is in good hands. The well-known book designer is famous amongst fans as the man who created the book cover for the e-books of the main Harry Potter books. His designs have been praised for the minimalistic beauty and unique Harry Potter feel that his book cover design emanates. And now he uses his trademark talent to redesign the Fantastic Beasts new book cover. The design in itself is masterfully done, with a base color of dark slithering green, the book has a crisp and regal look about it. The cover is minimalist in nature and is decorated with the image of a proud golden Hippogriff that gives the book an ancient and magical feel. The front letters are beautifully golden and drawn and is unmistakable as a book that belongs with the Harry Potter Universe.

This new edition will publish 14 March 2017 with a brand new foreword written by J.K. Rowling, and part of the proceeds will go towards Comic Relief.

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