Renowned 'Magicians' Author Pens New Arthurian Legends Novel

Renowned ‘Magicians’ Author Pens New Arthurian Legends Novel

Author Lev Grossman is well known for his ability to create highly intriguing stories of magic and adventure. As evidenced by his most well-known work, the Magicians trilogy which follows the adventures of a group of young magic users as they learn the good and bad side of magic. The novels have gained a great following through the years and has even garnered a television series adaption that is currently on its second season. Now Grossman lends his considerable writing ability to create a whole new story of Britain’s most legendary hero, King Arthur.

The Legend of King Arthur is quite well known and has gone through various recreations that have captured the imaginations of generations of readers. In Grossman’s new book The Bright Sword, the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are furthermore reimagined. The Bright Sword will not follow the much used trop of Arthur’s discovery and rise to power. Instead it delves into a land where his golden age has ended. It is set after his last great battle where he lost his life and passed on into legend. But as his reign ends so does peace, for with his passing the age of Camelot is no more and his greatest warriors the legendary Knights of the Round Table are now disbanded and broken. The story is seen through the eyes of the next generation as a talented young knight and a rebellious apprentice of the wizard Merlin. Together they set out on a bold new quest to continue Arthur’s dream of Camelot.

Grossman’s ability to infuse fantasy with realistic human characters gives readers a more layered look at the Legend of King Arthur. The Bright Sword is a refreshing new reimagining of the King Arthur mythos and joins the very long list of King Arthur literature.

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