6 Easy to Follow Tips on Self-Publishing a Bestseller

6 Easy to Follow Tips on Self-Publishing a Bestseller

The self-publishing industry has been going through a transition period the past few years, what started out as a novelty item for the publishing industry has grown into a force to be reckoned with.

Now the self-publishing industry has risen into a viable substitute for traditional publishing.

Through the years a number of self-published books have become bestsellers and have proven to critics that Self-publishing is an effective way to market books. But it is not all easy, in order for you to truly reach your full potential as an author you must not only be able to create great content for your work but be able to market it effectively as well.

Here are 6 easy to follow tips on how to self-publish a bestseller.

1.) Create a platform

What I mean by platform is to create a means for your book to be noticed by the public. No matter how good your book is, you will still have a hard time marketing it, if you do not have the proper publicity to make it known to the general public you will find it very difficult to sell your book. Your platform can come through many ways. It could be done through Blogs on bigger sites that aggregate bloggers or podcasts or any form of media that can spread word on your book.

2.) Write… a lot                    

Self-publishing is all about writing and sharing your own perceptions on the world. And like all art forms you get better by practicing it. So in order for you to be a truly proficient writer you should exercise your writing muscles every chance you get. You could do it early in the morning or any time you have free time. You can also make a quota for yourself, like 300 to 3000 words every day.  That way you can practice your skill and keep yourself disciplined at the same time.

3.) Have a plan and stick to it

Once you start out as a self-publishing author you should have a definite plan on how to achieve your goal of creating a bestselling book. You can do this by self-publishing with or without the help of Self-publishing companies.  If you choose to self-publish independently, you will find out that it is a cheaper alternative to hiring a company, on the downside though you will find it a very arduous process wherein you will have to handle every aspect of the book production. From book creation to marketing, everything is in your hands. If you choose to hire a company the trade up for the higher costs is the easier book production and the guarantee of all the marketing opportunities offered by the company. Whichever plan you may choose, what you should remember is to always stick to your plan.

4.) Editing

Constant editing gives the book a very professional feel and gives you the chance to have others give opinions on your work. Hiring a professional editor to check on your work will guarantee that your work will be in the best condition possible.

5.) Title

Choosing a fitting title is a very important task for any would be author. Sometimes the very title of a book could be the difference between success and failure for a marketing scheme.

6.) Marketing

Probably the most important aspect of self-publishing is marketing. As said earlier you could have the most interesting book in the world, but without proper marketing it will not see the light of day. As a self-published author it can be difficult to market your work if you do not have the proper connections and advertising can be quite expensive if you do it by yourself. This is why hiring a self-publishing company, although expensive at first is a safer bet in marketing your book. Through the company you have a team of marketing specialist that will handle the marketing aspects of your book and give you more free time to handle other aspects of your book.

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