20 Stephen King Quotes on How to Become a Better Writer

20 Stephen King Quotes on How to Become a Better Writer

Stephen King is considerably one of the most famous and influential novelist in the world. A prolific writer he has written a huge array of books that have become part of the present popular culture. He is known as the master of the Horror genre and his works have helped shape the collective taste of an entire generation towards the horror genre. His works have made him one of the most prolific writers in the world and he has sold more than 350 million copies in the span of his long career as a writer.

And through the years he has inspired a huge number of people to write and show the world their work. Stephen King is arguably the most successful author of his generation, and to this day he is still creating work that is both terrifying and great. And if you are a writer, you can’t help but feel inspired with the level of success that he has achieved. Here are some of his quotes that are sure to inspire you to write great works of your own. These quotes each symbolize a certain aspect of what it means to write.

  1. “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” 

This is a beautifully simple interpretation of literature’s effects on humanity. Literature is a multifaceted medium that allows humanity to achieve great heights. In many ways literature truly is a kind of portable magic, because you can hold an entire world or culture in your hands and it could all come to life with just the power of your imagination. If you think about it books are like small miracles that happen every time you open them.

  1. “The road to hell is paved with adverbs.” 

Writing is not always a bed of roses. It can be filled with many pitfalls and obstacles and is a test of your resolve as a writer. This quote really captures this mentality because Stephen King also had his own share of challenges before he managed to become successful. So you should always remember this whenever you face something difficult in your writing career.

  1. “The scariest moment is always just before you start.”

There are so many ways that could go wrong during the whole writing process. The important thing to remember before you start is that it is always scary before you start on a worthy endeavor. The important thing to remember is that you should take courage and take the plunge. You will never achieve anything if you don’t face your fear of the unknown.

  1. “You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” 

It shows how scary it is to write something and yet have your book rejected by the public. But this fear should never deter you from following your dream.

  1. Description begins in the writer’s imagination, but should finish in the reader’s”.

This quote shows readers that although it is important for authors to be able to visualize and write, it is more important that they have the ability to successfully get their readers to feel and see what they are writing.

  1. “Writing isn’t about making money, getting famous, getting dates, getting laid, or making friends. In the end, it’s about enriching the lives of those who will read your work, and enriching your own life, as well. It’s about getting up, getting well, and getting over. Getting happy, okay? Getting happy.”

To write means to embrace the writing process. Stephen King hits it right on the button. For him to write is to be happy, for him money, luxury and power does not fulfill him. This is the outlook that all writers should have in order to succeed at writing. Writing should be all about the art, the process, the journey. To be a writer is a vocation.

  1. “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” 

This is a great example of how a writer should approach the search for inspiration. Inspiration does not always have to come to you. Sometimes you should go out and find your own inspiration.

  1. “Write with the door closed, rewrite with the door open.” 

This is a reminder to writers that they should write with all their heart and soul, to stay focused on the prize. But should be humble enough to admit that they could be better writers.

  1. “In many cases when a reader puts a story aside because it ‘got boring,’ the boredom arose because the writer grew enchanted with his powers of description and lost sight of his priority, which is to keep the ball rolling.”

It reminds writers that they should always strive to make the best work possible. To never be content with their body of work. This quote is personified by Stephen King, for his body of work is immense and yet he has managed to stay fresh and relevant through the years.

  1. “Kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings.

This is magnificent advice to every writer. It tells you to never grow attached to any character. It stunts your growth as a writer. Never be afraid to let go of a character in your stories.

  1. “If you expect to succeed as a writer, rudeness should be the second-to-least of your concerns. The least of all should be polite society and what it expects. If you intend to write as truthfully as you can, your days as a member of polite society are numbered, anyway.” 

This quote says a lot about how you should address your readers. You should always be ready to push the boundaries of your art and write as truthfully as possible. Be as authentic with your writing and be courageous when you are faced with challenges.

  1. “Writing is not life, but I think that sometimes it can be a way back to life.” 

Writing can be considered as a form of therapy. If you feel bad or just want to let out your frustrations, writing is a truly effective method.

  1. “Just remember that Dumbo didn’t need the feather; the magic was in him. ” 

This quote tells writers to have belief in themselves. In truth everything you need to create a literary masterpiece in within yourself. You don’t need anything else to succeed. Just look deep within yourself.

  1. “You cannot hope to sweep someone else away by the force of your writing until it has been done to you.” 

This quote reminds you that you should always write with your heart. If you can make yourself feel a certain emotion with your writing, you can certainly make your readers feel these emotions too.

  1. “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There’s no way around these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut.” 

Do you think Stephen King became a legendary writer overnight? No, it is the culmination of years of reading and writing. Stephen King has always been an avid reader and has spent thousands of hours honing his writing skills. It is this combination that has made him a truly magnificent and prolific writer.

  1. “Good description is a learned skill, one of the prime reasons why you cannot succeed unless you read a lot and write a lot. It’s not just a question of how-to, you see; it’s also a question of how much to. Reading will help you answer how much, and only reams of writing will help you with the how. You can learn only by doing.” 

No writer has ever become great without being an avid reader. It is technically a pre-requisite to becoming a writer. By being an avid reader you are also given the chance to hone your skills and develop your own writing style. You can also develop a greater respect for great authors and pattern your writing style after them.

  1. “I’m a slow reader, but I usually get through seventy or eighty books a year, most fiction. I don’t read in order to study the craft; I read because I like to read” 

You don’t have to be a speed-reader, just as long as you thoroughly enjoy the book. All in all to be a good writer, you need to be able to enjoy good literature.

  1. “Writing is a lonely job. Having someone who believes in you makes a lot of difference. They don’t have to makes speeches. Just believing is usually enough.” 

The quote reminds you that like any endeavor, you cannot do it without the proper support. It is very important to have family and friends support you as a writer. Their support can give you the much needed inspiration to succeed.

  1. “I like to get ten pages a day, which amounts to 2,000 words. That’s 180,000 words over a three-month span, a goodish length for a book — something in which the reader can get happily lost, if the tale is done well and stays fresh.” 

The quote is a reminder to readers that when you write a book you always have to be accountable for the amount of writing you do. The more you write the faster your book gets finished. So you should always put in the work, and never slack off in your work.

  1. “Writing is seduction. Good talk is part of seduction. If not so, why do so many couples who start the evening at dinner wind up in bed?”

When it comes to writing, what really keeps your readers interested is the promise of a good story. All in all writing a good book means to entice readers to continue loving your book.

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