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What Does It Take to Write a Great Book?

What Does It Take to Write a Great Book?

Have you ever dreamed of writing your very own book? Making your own mark on the literary world? Creating a classic that will make you famous long after you are dead? Well so has every other writer that has lived. This dream has propelled writers to greatness through the years. But what makes a great book? What separates them from other books? Of course there is really no fool proof plan or special ingredient as to what constitutes a great book. But great books do have certain similarities that could be used to create a great book. Here are some examples that could help you in your quest to make a great book.

Great characters make a great book

Throughout the years one of the staples of truly great books are great characters. This is because great characters are what adds texture and character to a story. They are also what makes the story truly great. Haven’t you noticed that you remember the characters of a book faster than the book itself?

This is because the characters have made a bigger impression on you than the story. Such examples being Alexandre Dumas’ masterpiece The Count of Monte Cristo. The protagonist Edmond Dantes captures the people’s imaginations more than the events of the story because it is through his indomitable will that he was able to escape Chateau Di’f. It was his need for vengeance that propelled him to the heights of French society and allowed him to take revenge on those who wronged him. This character is a perfect symbolism of the strength of the human spirit.

Supporting characters are almost as important as the main character if they are written properly. This is because they provide a foil or stabilizing factor to the main character. One great example is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Dr. Watson. The Sherlock Holmes series of books had a magnificent main character in Sherlock Holmes because of his brilliance and intricacies but these traits were further explored when the two work together. Dr. Watson accentuates Holmes’ incredible intellect and provides a contrast with him by acting as the straight man of the duo.

The same could even be said about a story’s antagonist. A great antagonist could create an incredible amount of conflict and fear in the storyline and many an antagonist in classic stories have left their mark on literature.

Try to think up something new

One of the most important aspects of writing a great book is coming up with something new. With the many books that have come before your work, there are already a myriad of stories written and because of this you will have to come up with something new. Something that readers have yet to read. The only problem though is that it is easier said than done. Readers can be very finicky about what they like. One book can seem good but unsatisfactory to others. There is no definite formula on what makes a book great. The best you can do is to be adventurous and courageous in your writing.

It is also important that you refine your writing style. You can never be too good at something, and this includes your writing style. Practice your writing every chance you get. You should also personalize your writing style. This way your book can be recognized by readers. This is a great way for you to cultivate a fan base.

Refrain from old clichés

Using old clichés is a big mistake when it comes to writing books. This is because readers are already quite familiar with them. Old clichés can be a lot of things. They can be how a character is written, the writing style or a certain plotline. Old clichés will earn you nothing but reader’s ire. Be original in your writing.

Be tenacious in your writing

One of the best attributes you can have as a writer is tenacity. Having tenacity allows you to weather any obstacle that comes your way. You must accept the fact that there really is no guarantee that your book will be a success. In many ways writing a book is a gamble. On one hand you can achieve your wildest dreams and become rich and famous. On the other hand your book can be lost in the sea of other aspiring books and never reach its full potential.

All in all your greatest advantage when it comes to writing a great book is your love for the written word. A genuine love for writing will not only make you a better writer but it will also make the entire process a joy.