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Challenges Faced by Self-Published Authors and How to Overcome Them

Challenges Faced by Self-Published Authors and How to Overcome Them

Self-publishing is one of the most viable options that a writer can take in order to have a book published. But unlike traditional publishing wherein the publishing needs of the writer are all taken care of by the publishing house, a self-published author has to handle everything. Which makes it a very difficult undertaking. In truth a self-published writer faces more challenges than a traditionally published one. But this does not mean you can’t succeed.

Lack of a Financial support

As much as you try to tell yourself that it’s okay not to have a publisher, this will still come out as a challenge. This is because having a publishing house gives you resources that will make the publishing process so much easier. There are so many aspects of having a book published that needs to be taken care of. First you will have to have your book edited, then you have to design a book cover and layout for it and lastly have it published by a publishing house. And all these things need a lot of capital to set up. Which is why having the backing of a publishing house is important if you want to succeed.

Solution: Having financial support to create your book is important but it is not a necessity. Even without backing you can still succeed if you know how to play it smart. If you want to have your book edited there are a multitude of freelance book editors that are happy to assist you at a reasonable price. Just remember that the more experienced the editor the better the quality of work. The same could be said for the book cover and design. As for the publishing process you have the print on demand option where your book will only be printed once it has been sold. With this option you don’t need to print out and stockpile your books in hopes of selling them. This would also eliminate needless waste of resources.


If you think about it self-publishing a book is the epitome of multitasking. This is because not only do you write an entire manuscript you also have to look for a means to publish your book. Not to mention the minor aspects of publishing a book. This situation can get stressful very fast and may lead the writer to stop midway due to the strain.

Solution: There is stress involved in every situation and it is a measure of your character on how you manage it. This also goes for self-published writers. Learn to handle your stress and stay positive. If the workload does seem too heavy for you, try to delegate some of your work to a professional.

Creating a fan base

This is one of the hardest things you will have to confront if you are a self-published writer. This is because your fan base is technically the lifeblood of your book campaign. And if you don’t have a fan base that means your chances of ever selling your books are exponentially low. This is why you have to create a fan base for your book as soon as possible. The faster you make a fan base the faster you sell your books.

Solution: Creating a fan base is all a matter of getting readers to notice your book. One way of doing this is by giving away free samples of your books. Free samples help your book circulate and gain attention. You can also send a sample of your book to fellow writers and book reviewers. You can use their reviews as a way to get attention for your book.


It is difficult to advertise your work as a self-published writer because you lack the necessary funds to advertise your work using traditional advertising methods. Some examples of these methods are advertisements using popular forms of media such as television and newspapers. And having your book featured in these media forms will costs you a fortune.

Solution: You don’t really need to use traditional advertising methods to make an impression on readers. In this day and age there are a lot of methods that you can use to spread word of your book without spending a fortune. One method is using social media such as Facebook and making your very own blog site. You can also create a book trailer and load it through YouTube. With the technological advancements coming out every day advertising can be so much cheaper and effective.