Vibease Vibrators Takes Erotic Experiences to a Whole New Level

Vibease Vibrators Takes Erotic Experiences to a Whole New Level

In today’s hyper modern world incredible new inventions keep coming out of the woodwork. And with this new invention the future seems so much more erotic and pleasurable.

With Vibease vibrators the ladies are treated to a whole new erotic experience that will surely fulfill their fantasies. The Vibease vibrator is capable of working with audiobooks and can even be timed with the tone and music of the audiobook to match the preference of the user.


The Vibease costs around $119 and can use downloaded erotic audiobooks from the Fantasy store to supplement the experience. The Vibease is connected to phones via Bluetooth and can be synchronized with the audiobook’s story line.


This incredible new innovation gives users the chance to get the most out of reading an erotic book and the experience will seem as real as possible. What’s best is that vibration settings can be changed at any time to match the user’s preference. The product in appearance is quite attractive with a pleasing shape and a smoothness for ease of use.

It is also quite versatile in the fact that it can also be used for anyone interested in sexting and the vibrations can be controlled by the user or a second person via smartphone. This means that sexting with your partner can become more intense and real. All in all this new sex toy is an incredible way to enjoy your favorite erotic audiobooks.

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